• Address: 3552 Avon St., Hartland MI 48353
  • Opening hours Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 6PM
    Friday: 9AM - 1PM

Pediatric Literacy Group

Pediatric Literacy Group meets every Monday from 5-5:45 P.M.

Who should join?

Children ages 4-8 years old

This group is facilitated by our speech-language pathologists, with 2-6 kids in each group. It meets weekly for themed sessions to improve speech, language, and pragmatic language skills for children ages 4-8. Goals for the group include:

  • Phonological awareness skills (letter recognition, rhyming, sound blending, letter identification
  • Produce various sounds
  • Increase vocabulary inventory
  • Make connections through reading and interactive activities related to the story
  • Enhance social communication with other children through discussion