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  • Opening hours Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 6PM
    Friday: 9AM - 1PM

Social Language (Pragmatic) Group

This group is facilitated by our speech-language pathologists, with 2-6 kids in each group. It meets weekly to improve social and pragmatic language skills for children ages 5-11. Social pragmatic language is involved whenever we are in the presence of another person even if we are not directly interacting with that person. Social pragmatic language consists of verbal communication (what one person says to another) and nonverbal communication( what a person’s face or body says without using words). Unfortunately, not everyone can easily master the skills needed in using and understanding social pragmatic language. Goals for the group include:

  • Target all levels of social skills from the perspective of social thinking
  • Teach skills explicitly and directly with opportunities for role-playing, peer interaction and generalization into the community
  • Help children to think about others and recognize the motivation or intent during an interaction.