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Empowering You Through Speech and Occupational Therapy

At Leigh Harter Speech Services, our mission is to guide you in reaching your speech and occupational goals, paving the way for a more fulfilling quality of life. Experience the dedicated care that sets us apart and leads to transformative results for our patients, their families, and our community.

Leigh Harter with child outside office doing speech therapy exercise

Speech Therapy in Hartland, MI

Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that every patient is unique and deserves a personalized approach to speech and occupational therapy. By focusing on individual strengths and abilities, we’re able to design treatments that address the specific needs of our clients. Our dynamic, “think-on-your-feet” environment allows us to adapt our techniques and make therapy engaging, fun, and effective for all ages.

Our Services

Discover the passion that drives Leigh Harter Speech Services. With a genuine commitment to transforming lives, our dedicated team excels in diverse specialties tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Explore our heartfelt approach to speech therapy and occupational therapy and join us on a journey towards meaningful communication and personal growth.

Read Patient Reviews

My experience with the hyperbaric oxygen chamber was/is a lifesaver! Not only does it revive you to feel better, essentially it gave me more energy, an excellent night’s sleep, an overall peaceful aurora and to boot it made me feel/look 10 years younger! This therapy is at least a once a week ritual for me, you couldn’t ask for a better environment to receive this service!
I am extremely pleased with how much progress my boys have made, and the therapists always update us on how therapy went, what they covered, and what I can do at home to help. I am also so thankful that Leigh Harter Speech Services has therapists come to my kids’ autism center - it’s convenient and the kids don’t miss ABA therapy. Everyone is always so pleasant to speak with, and they go above and beyond to work with my insurance company, which helps me immensely. I highly recommend Leigh Harter Speech Services.
The best way to describe Leigh Harter and her staff would be passionate! I saw how her and her staff had a genuine care for the well-being of each client. They put so much effort into choosing the best plan for them and, most importantly, took the time to advocate for their needs! Their passion and hard work is what makes Leigh Harter Speech Services such a life-changing place!!

Our Approach

We’re here to help! Our aim is to offer thorough assessments in speech, language, and occupational therapy and create personalized treatment plans for individuals of all ages facing developmental delays, neurologic and genetic disorders, or even brain injuries. We collaborate with care teams and families to provide evidenced-based treatment plans for you or your loved one. We encourage parent and caregiver participation in treatment sessions in order to improve progress and carryover between treatment sessions or following discharge from therapy services. When working with children or adults, we provide the caregiver with easy strategies they can use to reinforce what is learned during sessions.