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Orton-Gillingham Tutoring and Leigh Harter Speech Services

Leigh Harter Speech Services is proud to offer the Orton-Gillingham tutoring approach, a multisensory and structured literacy intervention designed to support individuals with dyslexia, other reading difficulties or children looking for a head start in literacy. Our Orton-Gillingham program provides targeted instruction that is systematic, explicit, and personalized to meet the unique needs of each learner.

Key Components of Orton-Gillingham:

  1. Multisensory Techniques: Orton-Gillingham instruction engages multiple senses simultaneously, including visual, auditory, and tactile modalities. This multisensory approach helps reinforce learning and facilitates the development of reading and spelling skills.
  2. Structured and Sequential: Orton-Gillingham instruction follows a structured and sequential curriculum that builds upon foundational skills in a logical progression. Lessons are carefully planned to ensure mastery before introducing new concepts, allowing students to develop a strong foundation in reading and language skills.
  3. Individualized Instruction: Our Orton-Gillingham program is tailored to the specific needs and learning styles of each student. Our highly trained instructors conduct thorough assessments to identify areas of strength and challenge, allowing them to create customized lesson plans that address each student’s unique learning profile.
  4. Explicit Phonics Instruction: Orton-Gillingham emphasizes explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, encoding, and word recognition skills. Students learn to understand the relationships between letters and sounds, decode words accurately, and develop fluency and comprehension.
  5. Ongoing Assessment and Progress Monitoring: Progress monitoring is an integral part of our Orton-Gillingham program. Our instructors regularly assess student progress and adjust instruction as needed to ensure continued growth and success.

If you or your child is showing signs of reading readiness, or if your child or loved one is struggling with reading and language skills, our Orton-Gillingham program can provide the support and intervention needed to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how Orton-Gillingham can make a difference.

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Orton-Gillingham FAQ:

Orton Gillingham is a structured, evidence-based, multi-sensory approach (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to teach individuals how to read effectively. It is typically completed in 1:1 or small group sessions for 1 hour but can be modified as needed. It was developed by Dr. Samuel Orton and educator Anna Gillingham in the 1930s. It is rooted in the understanding of how the brain learns to read and is widely recognized as one of the most effective methods for teaching adults and children how to read who struggle with dyslexia and related learning differences. Orton-Gillingham is also a very beneficial learning approach to use with young children showing signs of reading readiness.

Orton-Gillingham instruction is beneficial for individuals of all ages including early readers, as well as those who struggle with reading, spelling, and language skills. Our program is suitable for learners at various stages of literacy development, from early readers to adolescents and adults.

Multi-sensory learning is an instructional approach that integrates various sensory modalities to enhance learning and facilitate the recall of information. Instead of relying solely on one sense, such as sight or hearing, multi-sensory techniques engage multiple senses simultaneously to provide a richer and more comprehensive learning experience. Orton-Gillingham targets visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning styles.

Although this approach was designed specifically for students with dyslexia or other learning challenges, this program will work for any reader! Anyone learning to read will benefit greatly!

Orton-Gillingham instruction starts with fundamental skills, such as letter recognition and phonemic awareness, which form the building blocks of reading and spelling. As students master these foundational skills, the complexity of the material gradually increases. Lessons are designed to ensure that learners progress at their own pace, mastering each skill before moving on to more advanced concepts. By starting with simpler tasks and progressively introducing more complex ones, students develop a solid understanding of language structure and decoding strategies.

Absolutely! As part of our commitment to supporting your student’s learning journey, we provide comprehensive guidance and resources to facilitate skill reinforcement at home. After each tutoring session, you will receive personalized education and strategies tailored to your student’s specific needs and learning style. These resources may include:

  • Clear explanations of the concepts covered during the session
  • Practical strategies and activities to reinforce learning outside of tutoring sessions
  • Suggestions for reading materials and interactive games to promote literacy development
  • Homework assignments designed to practice and apply newly acquired skills in real-world contexts

Although the Orton Gillingham program is targeted for kindergarten and up, your child can begin when they start to show signs of interest in letter exploration. It is never too early to start!

The timeline for seeing results can vary depending on the student’s learning profile, their needs, frequency of tutoring sessions, consistency with at home practice varies person to person.

Lessons from our certified Orton-Gillingham provider cost $95 for an hour of 1:1 tutoring.

Our distinction lies in our dual expertise: not only do we operate as a premier speech therapy practice, but our Certified Orton Gillingham Tutor is also a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, ensuring unparalleled proficiency and insight in addressing your individual needs.