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Leigh Harter sitting on the floor with a group of children

Language Group Trifecta

Is your child not yet talking? Does your child have difficulty playing with other people? Does he/she have difficulty communicating with others? Is it hard for your child to engage in shared reading or understand what was read in a story? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ll want to continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Aphasia

By Kaylee Torok Have you or a loved one experienced a stroke or head injury and now have difficulty communicating? Along with all of the challenges a stroke or head injury can bring, having trouble finding your words or understanding others can lead to frustration. All too often we see this frustration lead to reduced

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Right Toys, Right Time-Our Top 5 Favorite Toys for Ages 0-3

Often the cost of having a baby can be burdensome and there are SO MANY toys on the market, it is hard to sift through and know which ones are worth the cost. Here are a list of our most used, interactive toys for that newborn stage and why we love them-many are inexpensive or

Beaded bracelets with the words Believe and Grateful

Spread Love

Written by P.Sutton Scrolling Tik Tok one night an ad popped up on my screen that caught my eye. Pictures of beautiful, shiny bracelets with little words on them. I quickly switched over and typed “little words project” into my google search bar. “Little Words Project® aims to inspire and encourage people to be kind to themselves

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When Your Profession Becomes Personal

Our family’s most recent tragedy and our miracle brother. At the end of September 2019, I woke up to a life-changing call from my younger sister, Laura, informing me my older brother, Chad, was in a UTV accident. Laura informed me Chad sustained a severe skull fracture and would be undergoing surgery that Thursday morning.

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The Power of Music (Part 2)

Previously, we explored the many ways music can impact a child’s brain.Just to recap, we know that we need both sides of our brains to fully function. Thecombination of our logical thinking and our creative side helps us think critically andappropriately in different situations.Now, we are going to discuss the influence of music on adult

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The Power of Music (Part 1)

Music has a profound impact on the brain and can influence various cognitiveprocesses, emotions, and physical responses for individuals of all ages.You may have heard the term “left brain vs. right brain” before. We have a tendency touse one side of our brain more than the other side, although we use both sides of ourbrain

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Journey to Become a Speech-Language Pathologist

Updated: Nov 14, 2019 How did you become a speech-language pathologist? I’ve heard this question dozens of times so here is the story. My grandfather’s NYU tie clip I wore at my Texas Tech graduation ceremony. My senior year of high school I took an anatomy and physiology class and enjoyed every part of learning about

Leigh Harter sitting on the floor with a group of children

“But I Talk Just Fine”

Updated: Nov 16, 2019 All too frequent words I hear from clients, their families, and even medical professionals. This is a short description of the many hats a speech-language pathologist wears. Common Myths about Speech-Language Pathologists: First and foremost, the education requirements to be a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) require a masters degree, followed by 9+